SERVPRO of South Greenville County Employee Photos


Scott (Warehouse Manager)

Scott is our warehouse manager at SERVPRO. is a hands-on team member that recently jumped at the opportunity to transition from Office Manager to Warehouse Manager. We recognized his skills and knew he would be a perfect fit as his attention to detail and hands on approach will make vast improvements to the warehouse and in turn help the overall efficiency and production of the company. He has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Planning from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC and has previous experience in manufacturing and municipal government. Scott is happily married and has two children, a son and a daughter. 


Autumn (Marketing)

Autumn Started working with SERVPRO in 2022, She has since become one of our best Marketing members! She has a bachelor's degree in business management, and is Certified through the IRCTC In Large Loss Management and Safety. Autumn is always attending or hosting events for the community. She has years of well rounded experience with community, business and sales. She is a Member of the Westminster Rotary. Outside of work she spends time with her kids, and husband of 20 years.


Jeff (Marketing)

Jeff started working with SERVPRO in the summer of 2010. Jeff loves his job and values helping and interacting with members of the community. He has assisted in thousands of water and fire mitigation clean-ups throughout the years. Jeff is an active member of The Clemson Rotary and has recently become a chairman on the board of the Easley Chamber of Commerce. He has received multiple service awards in Clemson and Easley. He will do anything to assist SERVPRO is succeeding, and loves helping his community anyway he can!


Khristy (Lead Job File Coordinator)

Khristy joined the SERVPRO family as our Lead Job File Coordinator, and has since moved her focus to Water Job File Coordinator. She has a background in Property Insurance and over 20 years in Customer Service. She understands our customer's needs and goes above and beyond to meet those needs and guide our customers through each step of the process. She is now coordinating and organizing jobs for our Water team! She is the first point of contact for water mitigation. She goes above and beyond to assist the team where necessary, whether that is helping on a job site or filling in in the office! She coordinates almost every aspect of the job between the customer, our team, and the insurance company.

Nikki (Job File Coordinator)

Nikki (Job File Coordinator)

Nikki joined us here at SERVPRO In 2022, as a Job File Coordinator. She has since moved her focus to Coordinating water, mold, and general cleaning. Nikki served in the US Navy for 5 years as a Hospital Corpsman, then spent 20 years in the medical field pre-covid. She also spent 3 years in the construction industry. She is a staple at SERVPRO and assists our customers, adjusters, and staff in coordinating and completing jobs daily.

Rob (Job File Coordinator)

Rob (accounting clerk and HR administrator)

Rob joined us here at SERVPRO as a Job File Coordinator in 2022, but has since been promoted to accounting clerk and HR administrator. He handles all HR issues, but also deals with any and all technology issues for our team. He has spent 10 years in customer service and 5 years in management. Rob likes to build things such as computers, keyboards, and cars. He also enjoys drone racing.


Nathan (Production Manager)

Nate is our Production Manager here at SERVPRO. He relocated from Baltimore, Maryland to pursue his career with SERVPRO. He has been with us since opening day and continues to show us hard work and dedication. He has certifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC): WTR (Water Removal), ASD (Applied Structural Drying), BPP (bloodborne Pathogens), and OSHA 10. Outside of work Nate spends his time with friends, pets, and his fiancé.


Elise (Fire Crew Chief)

Elise is a Crew Chief for the Fire Restoration and General Cleaning team here at SERVPRO. She is originally from Baltimore, Maryland and relocated to South Carolina to pursue her job here with SERVPRO. Elise keeps everything in line and organized for our team. She has a certification from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) for Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration and Odor Control. Elise strives with every challenge she is handed and provides an excellent experience for all the customers she serves.


Josh (Water Crew Chief)

Josh started out as a technician and says that thanks to great leadership, he was able to move up to Crew Chief in just a few months. Josh specializes in water losses but is able and willing to jump into any loss that he is needed. Josh takes a lot of time and pride in training his technicians and it shows! He is IICRC certified in WRT (water removal) and ASD (applied structural drying). Along with his great sense of humor he also has a strong dedication to his team. Outside of work Josh spends time working on his many vehicles!


Maria (Production Technician)

Maria started with us in 2021 and loves working with SERVPRO as one of our Cleaning Technicians. Maria likes to cook, clean and dance. She is fluent in Spanish, and She is taking English classes to improve her English. She has two kids, one in college and the other a Senior in High School. On her time off she likes to relax and hang out with friends. She is a wonderful asset to our SERVPRO Family.


Shy (Fire Crew Chief )

Shyenna is one of our Fire Crew Chiefs here at SERVPRO. She joined our team in 2022 as a Fire Restoration Technician. She proved herself rather quick, working and training very hard and was moved up to crew chief in just months of being here. Shyenna is working on an associates degree. Outside of work she spends time with her husband and child.

Amber (Cleaning Technician)

Amber (Cleaning Technician)

Amber joined us here at SERVPRO as a Cleaning Technician. Amber relocated from Michigan to be closer with friends and work for SERVPRO. She has learned a lot about General Cleaning and Fire Restoration in her time with the company. She enjoys the outdoors and loves to go horseback riding. 

J3's employee photo

Josh (water Technician)

Josh is one of our water technicians at SERVPRO. His favorite part of the job is getting out and helping members of our community and learning as much as he can! He has dreams to move up to crew chief, and wherever else the company takes him. In his spare time he enjoys writing. 

Michael employee photo

Michael (Water Technician)

Michael recently joined SERVPRO as a Water Technician. He says he is very excited to continue his water mitigation education, and Cross train in fire restoration, mold mitigation, and biohazard removal. He is excited to assist the community, and see where SERVPRO takes him. In his spare time he enjoys mechanics, especially working on vehicles and spending time with his child.


Bill (Estimator)

Bill Started at SERVPRO as an Estimator in 2022, He has 5 years experience in the field, and he is a Licensed Adjuster. His favorite part of the job is getting to go out in the field to inspect and estimate losses. He is IICRC certified in water restoration, Applied Structural drying and Applied microbial remediation. Outside of work he enjoys, hiking, camping, and cooking for his family


Wes (Water Crew Chief)

Wes Started with SERVPRO in 2022, as a water technician and has since been promoted to Water Crew Chief. He relocated from Tennessee to join our team. He is very ambitious, and loves learning about water mitigation. His Goal is to keep moving up within our company, and learn as much as he can. Wes is very good with technology and loves to play games on his PC.

Nicole photo

Nicole (Marketing)

Nicole joined SERVPRO in 2023, She has 14 years of sales and marketing experience. Nicole is well known throughout Oconee, and Pickens County. She is a valuable member of our team, and she is well versed in SalesForce. When she is not at work Nicole runs her own small business, Hickory Woods Farm & Kennels.

Richard employee photo

Richard (Reconstruction Manager)

Richard recently joined our team at SERVPRO in 2023. After years of reconstruction experience in things like residential concrete finishing for 20 years, and commercial drywalling for 10 years. He Is a Husband, father and Grandfather. In his free time he enjoys traveling with his wife, and being outdoors doing things like fishing and hunting. 

Luis Employee photo

Luis (Reconstruction Technician)

Luis Joined Our team at SERVPRO as a Reconstruction Technician. he has years of experience in Reconstruction, Project Management, Water Mitigation, Maintenance, Estimating, and More. He is bilingual, speaking Spanish and English, and he was a Corporal in the Marine Corp. 

brooke employee photo

Brooke (Job File Coordinator)

Brooke Joined SERVPRO as a Job File Coordinator in 2022, She has 14 years of customer service experience prior to joining our team. Her focus is on coordinating our Reconstruction team.  She loves to interact with customers and help any way she can. She is very friendly and interacts well with the customers and staff.  In her spare time she loves spending time with her family, as well as her dog Zeus.

Kristinas employee photo

Kristina (Receptionist )

Kristina is the Receptionist here at SERVPRO, she started in 2023. She enjoys interacting with our customers, She is one of the first points of contact for our customers. She is always ready to interact with our community and serve them in any way she can.  She is the mother of an 8 year old who is "the love of her life," and she enjoys playing video games and spending time with her family when she's not working. 


Alissa (Intake Coordinator)

Alissa joined SERVPRO in 2023 as Intake Coordinator, She has many years of experience in retail. She decided to switch gears and take on a whole new set of skills! She says her favorite part of working for SERVPRO is her coworkers. She plans to be with us long term, and move up as she learns. In her free time she enjoys Yellowstone, music, self care, and reading.

Levi (man) standing in front of green and orange mural background

Levi (production technician)

Levi began working with SERVPRO in 2023, he is experienced in cleaning and maintenance. His favorite part about SERVPRO is getting to meet and work with all sorts of different people. His goals with the company are to continue to move up, starting with crew chief. He enjoys spending time outdoors with friends and family as well as playing video games.

malcom (man) standing in front of green and orange mural background

Malcolm (Production technician)

Malcolm joined SERVPRO in 2023 as a technician. He is very passionate about learning his role. He says he learned about PPE, and is very passionate about its importance when it comes to his safety and others. his favorite part of the job is the Cleanliness of our facility, and getting the opportunity to be apart of our SERVPRO franchise. His goals with the company is to help in any way, as well as move up. He wants to have his own business someday that works with SERVPRO. In his free time he enjoys being outdoors with his family, working out, and doing odd jobs!